How it all began...

It’s a loonnnnggg story…

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Mariana who really, really really wished to have a cuty dog. However, her parents were always saying “we can’t have a dog in the appartment”, “how is it gonna be when we want to go on holidays?”… and a lot of other things you can imagine. Anyway… her despair was so big that she even bribed Santa Claus once!

About three years ago, Mariana’s dream turned finally true! I don’t know how she did it, but the truth is that she made her family go with her to Pombal to Quinta da Formiga and pay you-don’t-wanna-know-how for a cute beautiful intelligent lovely sweet pure blood Golden Retriever: Me!

After a troubled trip, in which I almost made all my four humans vomitting with my extraordinary puke&poop habilities, i finally got home! It was weird… lonely, with none of my doggy brothers and sisters… and I didn’t know who that two-paws-beings were… so I went to the safest place in the whole house: under the kitchen chair. (I also barked – something the dog breeder told my humans i would never do…but I did).

After a few months (after a ripped coach, destroyed shoes, maggazines, newspapers, tows, CD’s, letters…) i could finally conquer my humans’ hearts and i could beat the evil place where they wanted me to go to:

The kennel! (available for only 80€!)... Yes, yes, I bet he’s pretty happy there too!... Well in my case, the poor one never got out of its box…

Anyway, nowadays I am 3 years old I live with my humans in the appartment and we go to our countryside house on our holidays, we go to the beach and stuff like that :D We also use to go to a place they call Vet once in a while… it’s nice, most of the times at least, and they give me biscuits in the end of each visit! I really love go there… That’s why Mariana almost falls in the ground everytime she take me there and i realize where we’re going to :D

My interests:

Only one:

I loooooveeee sleeeepiiinnnngg, it’s just sooo awesome! And dreaming, and snoring… and making weird noises too...

And yep, that’s it :D if you want to know anything more, just ask :D

Licks and Tails!

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