I am back! :D

Hello there my friends! :D Sorry for being out for a while but Mariana went on holidays for three weeks and none of my human relatives knew how to work with the blog. I hope your holidays were as good as mine. While Mariana was in England, Mum, Dad, Big Bro and I went to Tocha! I met a lot of people this year and I saw a lot of friends I met last year! All of the human friends said I am really nice and friendly!
However Mariana took her photographic machine with her and so we didn’t have any machine with us… So instead of show you my photos, I let Mariana post some of her photos of England here. I hope you like it :)

First of all: Me! This picture was taken by Mariana on the day she left. I knew that sooner or later she would leave because I saw her luggage. I shew her and my family my sadness in order to make her stay but the inevitable happened! So, when I saw her ready to go and with the machine on her hands I just could do my part: a big smile so she could remember me like that.

The plane: Mariana told me she took this photo when the plane was turning. I think plane travels weren’t made for me or my stomach.

Now Oxford little ladies and fellas! Isn’t it beautiful?

Oh look, this is Port Meadow. Mariana is telling me right now that Port Meadow is a kind of a park where cows, horses, ducks and other birds are completely free and you can walk near them because they are used to people. They also come to you to see if you have food! She totally recommends you visiting Port Meadow if you are in Oxford!

Here it is Christ Church where parts of Harry Potter were filmed!

And the dining room!

Now Cambridge! A really beautiful city! Mariana went punting there and she really loved it! You can see some gorgeous colleges and undercross some bridges while doing that.

Uouuuu look Mariana with her new sunglasses! This photo was taken at Trinity College where Isaac Newton studied!

Now London! Big Ben, you know it.

London Eye! What a big eye!

And yes, Mariana met Bob Marley!!! Can you believe that? She says it is a wax doll but of course I don’t believe her! I mean, a wax doll? I think Mariana needs to be a bit smarter the next time she wants to pull my leg...

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