I am back again (:

I am sorry but I don't update my blog since last week.
The reason: a week in the country side ^^

Just see some photos

On the way to the country side :D

Ohh my sweet sweet stick :D

Pitty it doesn't last that long...

Shhhhh! Don't tell Mommy!

See you soon! *.*

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7 comentários:

Elizabeth disse...

Hi Bart, nice to see you again. Great photos, you look like you enjoyed your time away!

Thor disse...

Welcome back Bart!
I enjoyed so much your pictures:) You look beautiful and happy! And doing some mischief hehe!

Miley disse...

Hi Bart, priceless pics!!!

Miley's Mom

Anônimo disse...

Hey Bart :) I really like your pictures from the country side. It seems like you had much fun there and I especially like the last two photos, it looks like you are smiling into the camera ^^
Sandra x3

Farley disse...

Hi Bart - Your country side is very beautiful! Farley

Sierra Rose disse...

Hi Bart :)
Looked like some fun in the country-side! I love those stickies too!!!
Great photos. Love the closeup of your nose...it's like you are right there, in the computer!

Hugs, and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Scout and Freyja disse...

What a good reason to not be blogging! A week in the country-side is better than sitting at a computer!

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